Hello Developers!

Our API enables you to connect digital experiences with printed content.

API Capabilities

One API: Create short URLs, QR codes, and watermarked images with ONE API. No need to use three different services.

Analytics: Get detailed insight into usage for every short URL, QR code, watermarked image and every destination.

Indefinite modification: Printed 1,000 posters with QR codes and now the URL changed? No problem. You can update the destination even years after creation.

Link Components

Each link is comprised of three objects: Trigger, Payoff and Link. Trigger can represent a short url, a qr code or a watermarked image, and can be associated with a payoff. Payoff represents the destination of a scanned trigger, and can be simple (just a url), or a "rich" mobile experience. The Link represents the association of trigger to payoff - allowing for flexible management post publication.

REST API documentation for all functionality in the Link API.
Library examples available in Ruby and Java

Coming soon.